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From 1955 to 1958 Gmc used 3-different styles of bumper guards,
in 1959 GMC opted not to use the guards. I've been told by a few 59ers that their trucks had them, so I guess to sell the truck, the local dealership would gladly install a set of 1958 guards on the 1959. But heck if these trucks were produced in 1958 as a 1959 model ? If you have any info on this subject, please email it .

1955 & 1956 used the same style guard.
1958 GMC Bumper Bombs
1957 GMC Bumper Bombs
One more note is you have to match the year of the bumper to the year of bumper guard. The holes used to mount the guards to the bumpers are different for each year. I found out the hard way and bought 3 different front bumpers and I couldn't use any of them on my 58! Where's the torch when you need one! If you do decide to cut them, you need to re-check and measure everything good so both guards line up even.