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WARNING: This may be too graphic for some people that are sensitive. I don't want to scare you with my story, I have to tell it so maybe it won't happen to you. I do hope that you will stop and think of what you are doing while working under your truck. Please be safe! Don't do what I did, you don't want to go through it man I'm telling you! It's already been 4 years and I'm still suffering!

The Story
First off I want to say that I didn't do any of these four simple safety items below, and as a result thats why
"I was run over by my own truck!"
1. I could have blocked the tires, did I? No!

2. I could have had the emergency brake applied, did I?No!
3. I could have taken the battery out or at least disconnected the battery, did I? No!
4. I could have just made sure that the ignition was in the "OFF" position, did I? No!
5. I could have done a lot of things but what I want to stress is I was in a hurry and not paying attention! 

I didn't do any of those four simple things above and I died 3 times in the hospital because of it! As far as my accident goes, I'll make it brief, but hopefully it won't happen to you or any of your buddies. Please tell others, please warn others, please let them know how careless I was, please let them know how close to dying I came. Seriously, It may just save a life and maybe your own life!

So here it goes...
Well back in August of 2004 I drove my suburban to the end of the driveway (it was parked backwards on the driveway facing the street) and I started washing it getting it ready for a magazine layout that day (on saturday) and the "Brothers Truck Show & Shine 2004" that was to be held the very next day (on sunday). After I detailed and got the suburban all shined up, I then got under it to adjust the clutch, and I mean I got fully under it, but what I didn't realize was that I had still had the ignition in the "on" position. You see about an hour before that I had started it up to blow any water out of the tail pipes (from washing it), and it stalled as I walked around to the rear to check to see if any water had sprayed up on the rear quarter panels. I forgot that it had stalled on me earlier, and I also put in it reverse gear as I was cleaning the dash a little bit later on.

Well the starter motor is only inches from where the clutch is located and while adjusting the clutch the handle of my wrench shorted out the starter and it cranked over the motor and it started right up! So while laying on my back (head toward the front and my feet toward the rear) the truck started rolling backward (because it was in reverse gear and the motor was running now) the front axle came rolling down across my head (I fractured my skull in pieces by the right temple area) and the front 4x4 differential housing squeezed down and pinched me into the cement as it was dragging or actually pushing me while I was laying on my back going feet first toward the house.

luckily my neighbor Jennifer (my angel) heard my mother's screams and she had the wisdom to grab a bottle jack and run over and try to jack the suburban up off of me. But I was right where she needed place the jack which was underneath the front differential. She said that my head was bloated with pressure and my eyes were bulged out and the doctors said that the corneas in my eyes is what kept my eyes from popping out. Well Jennifer finally got a good bite with jack on the  small transfercase driveline and started to jack it up. Mean while I was vomiting blood and was not breathing when the paramedics arrived. After they continued jacking up the suburban and got me out from underneath it... they proceeded to inform my family that it doesn't look good and to be prepared for the worst. Being the front axle squished all of the fluid out of my lungs, they became brittle and hard like bone. My lungs were not able to absorb oxygen and they had the ventilator set on the highest setting at the hospital. I had at that time what is known as ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which 99.99% of the people that get this due to their lungs not absorbing oxygen die. I died 3 times that night and thank God that I live in the United States Of America where we have the technology to bring me back to life each time! Prayers go up and blessings come.

The Result
I had road rash all on my back side from the cement and my knees had buckled up under me... the bottom of my left foot was touching my back as I was laying on top of both of my legs totally ripping and tearing out all of the ligaments in my knee. Any way it was pretty bad I woke up about 4 month later from a coma to find out that I was on a ventilator to breath for me, my right diaphragm was paralyzed (it allows you breath, it's still paralyzed), I had a trache tube in my throat, my kidneys failed and had to have kidney dialysis 3 times a week (they work now), my heart now beats out of regular rhythm as normal heart does and I had a ton of I.V. fluids to fight infections. I had a collapsed lung and the other lung was filled w/ fluid. I had a ton of infections and developed a blood clot in my left leg from lack of mobility while being in a coma.

I had to learn how to stand up and learn how to walk again, it took several people just to try and get me in a standing position at the same time while trying to stand I had to fight the weakness in my legs from not using them, shortness of breath, fevers from the infections, just trying to stand up while still being hooked up the vent with a hose going in to my throat and tubes going in to my arms, it was the toughest thing I had to go through. Just to stand up with a busted up knee and all of my energy that I could muster up was tough but yet so rewarding when I would finally get in a standing position! I want to thank Josh and Telia, they were the two that helped me out big time! I got you both in my heart and think about you two EVERY day. I can't thank then enough! My knee will required a few surgeries and a lot of physical therapy. I lost the use of my right lung for now (unless the nerve starts working again) After I get my knee got repaired I will dropped close to 190 lbs of blubber. I continue to struggle with that but seriously it sure beats weighing in at 525lbs! I'm constantly watching what I eat, the more weight that I lose will help with my bad lung and I'll be able to breathe a little better.

*UPDATE* October of 2008
Its been 4 years now since the accident. I am now 190lbs lighter, I bought a mountain bike and go riding, I now go hiking with Jennifer (my angel that helped save me) My longest hike was an 8 mile hike, I do swim aerobics, yoga, and Tai-Chi, I have a lifetime membership at 24hr Fitness where I go and try every class from palates to advanced aerobics. No I'm not a pro any any class by no means, but I am happy to try them. Big whoop if I look out of place, thats not what matters. What matters is to exercise my body and to get back in shape. Both mentally and physically. Physically is what I need to work on a lot! Mentally I'm positive, happy go lucky. For example I'm so high on life that I be stuck in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour traffic going nowhere at all and look around and feel the warm rays of sunshine beam down on me as a soft gentle breeze brushes across my cheeks and face. I feel so grateful just to be able to be here sitting in the middle of traffic.

Thank you to those that have emailed me your positive words of encouragement... it is very humbling read all of the love and support that you all share. Please feel free to email if you have any questions. Email me at thanks in advance.

The Pep Talk
Listen, still after all of this I am so glad to be here. I value each moment that I'm here now and I don't take anything for granite. Say hi and I love you to the people that you care about now while you still have a chance to. Life can change in a blink of an eye. My sister went into a coma from juvenile diabetes due to low blood sugar resulting from a simple urine/blatter infection and she was in a coma for 3-years before she passed away in December of 1999... bless her soul... She too was on a vent, had a trache in her throat, fed through a tube, urinated through a tube, she too had a ton of infections, and was fighting for her life. I've seen this horrible sick nightmare now from both two sides of the hospital bed and believe me its not fun. That was mind blowing to realize that I was in a coma (like my sister was) and I was fighting for my life just like her only four years later! But I was the lucky one. I know someone upstairs was watching over me. And yes this has changed me forever. Please be careful and try not to rush things while working on your truck or car. Just be SAFE! I was in hurry and I died 3 times, I was lucky, so please learn from my mistake. Be grateful for what you have... and think about your DEATH every god damn day! We're only here for so long... take advantage of it.
I was run over by my own truck!
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