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Heres the rebuilt motor installed below, I rebuilt the carburetor, fuel pump, generator, regulator, starter, distributor, radiator, & the water pump. I didn't know it at the time, but this was the wrong carb & throttle linkage that came with the truck.
The PO had modified the linkage for this carb using a combo of hydro-matic, 57 chevy truck, and the original linkage to get it to work. GMC used several different throttle linkage assemblies for the 55 to 59 GMC V8's. 55 to 57 had their own setup, 58 to 59 had their own setup, then the GMC's that used the Hydro-Matic tranny had it's own setup. Chevy's are not the same as the GMC linkage, they are similar but not the same.
Below shows even more work that I've done on the motor. Now I have the correct valve covers, installed the windshield washer kit, and a few other items, like the carb that I had was wrong. Now I have the correct Stromburg Carb!