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PeeWees 1955 to 1959 GMC trucks
What was life like back in the 50's?
What was life like back in the 50's?
PeeWees 1955 to 1959 GMC trucks
What did stuff cost? What new things were inventented? Lets travel back in time to 1955. Wow what a year it was!
Well that about wraps it up. Snap out of it people, it's time to get back to the present!
Let me know if you want me to add anything please.
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Betty Hutton & Alan Livinston, Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds,
Clark Gable & Kay Williams Spreckels.
Gregory Peck divorced Gretta Konen Peck.
Entertainment News 
Gregory Peck divorced Gretta Konen Peck.
Bela Lugosi ("Dracula") goes into a Hospital
for treatment of his 20 year drug addiction.
According to an article, Prince Charles,
heir to the British Throne, is a Devilish 6 year old.
Albert Einstein the world's greatest Genius,
dies at 76. He invented the formula E=MC2
  Walt Disney opens Disneyland and has over
1 million visitors in only 7 weeks.
The famous "Don't Walk" signs were
first put up in New York City.
       (if you can't walk, can you run across the street?)
Ann Landers starts her famous
column at the Chicago Sun-Times.
  Outdoor Movie Theater hosts the 1st Drive-in Church Service.
           Commercial TV begins broadcasting in Britain.
"On the Waterfront" was the first movie where an actor says
"go to Hell!" (now ALL the movies tell you to Go To Hell!)
  The Black Leather "Motorcycle" look becomes
a national craze among teenagers.
  Marlon Brando trades in his Motorcycle duds
for a slick, dapper wardrobe in the movie
"Guys & Dolls" and sings and dances
(The Godfather singing and dancing? *LOL*)
 Over 15,000 people purchase advance tickets for
Alan Freed's first "Rock 'n' Roll Party" in New York City.
            Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock"
hits #1 on the charts.
 Chuck Berry's "Maybellene" hits #1 on Billboard
and stays for 14weeks!
RCA demonstrates a music synthesizer.

A few 50's Inventions
 Play-Doh, "Special K" cereal from Kellogg,
"Tony the Tiger" in Sugar Frosted Flakes.
Instant Oatmeal invented by the Quaker Oats Company. 
The first experiment to Paint shoulder lines on
Highways in Westchester, New York began.
 The Institute of Boiler & Radiator Manufacturers
announced that American homes,
    in the near Future will be heated and cooled
by small atomic reactors, the new system
would also provide unlimited Hot water and melt
Snow from Sidewalks and Driveways
  (Gee, I want one of those! This is the future, where are they?)
 The US Post Office chained 20,000 ballpoint pens to desks to
see how they hold up and how many are stolen.
   (only two were stolen in 1955 but in 1999 over 100,000 were stolen)
Here are some new words that were invented during 1955:
ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missle
ROCK & ROLL - We all know what that IS!
CHURCH KEY - A can or Bottle opener used for Beer
JUNK MAIL - Advertisements addressed to "occupant" or "boxholder"
SECOND BANANA - A supporting comic actor or actress
UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
50's Facts
There were 33.5 million TV sets in America.
  Walt Disney launches a national
"Davy Crockett" craze with his new hit series,
and the Davy Crockett fad sweeps the U.S.!
All of the boys wanted a "coonskin".
 There were 1,531,000 Marriages, 4,097,000 Births
and about 370,000 Divorces.
   The Minimum wage increased to $1.00 an hour.
The average worker earned $1.90 an hour.
Steelworkers got a 15 pay raise after a 12 hour strike.
Pepsi-Cola for the first time knocked Coca-Cola out of first place.
Japan starts selling products to the USA.
 Oscar Mayer whose lunchon meats became
a lunchbox favorite, died at 96.
Plastic flower pots rapidly replace clay pots throughout Europe.
Johnson & Johnson invents the worlds first "Baby Shampoo"
that won't burn or irritate the baby's eyes.
Dr. Jonas Salk discovers an anti-polio vaccine.
400,000 School children given the vaccine.
Heart Surgery performed on all 4 valves.
Scabies fades out as a disease.
New wonder drug, Chlorpromazine, is found to stop Hiccups.
New Pregnancy test claims results in two hours.
(do they mean you'll get pregnant in two hours?)
   The "Video Telephone" of tomorrow was 
unveiled at the Western Electronics
Convention in San Francisco, cost is $5,000 per phone.
   Bell Telephone develops transistorized components,
there by reducing the size of a large capacity computer
from room size to three cubic feet.
 Two British doctors report that body temperature
can be quickly changed by placing a balloon
 in the stomach and then filling it with Hot or Cold water. 
Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin dies at 73.
Hubert C. Booth inventor of the first
Vacuum cleaner in 1901, dies at 83.
     First self-service ticket vending machine
is set up in Manhattan's Grand Central Station.
(it was probably stolen the next day)
                The Vibrating toothbrush is invented.
            So was the Singing Teakettle with electric plug.
  Play-Doh, "Special K" cereal from Kellogg,
"Tony the Tiger" in Sugar Frosted Flakes ads.
Coca-Cola changes it's bottle size from 6 ounces to 10 ounces and
   introduces 12 and 26 ounce King size and Family size bottles.
 General Mills announces that Betty Crocker is getting a face lift to make
    her look more like a sincere housewife. Marketing surveys revealed
               Betty looked too much like a career girl.
Pocket size battery operated radios introduced.

Debra Winger
Bruce Willis
Arsenio Hall
Willeam Dafoe
Kevin Costner
Dana Carvey
Robby Benson
Billy Idol
Roseanne Cash
Kirstie Alley
John Calabash 
Average Family income was $4,421 (more than I make now!)
       Men earning $3,400 and Woman $1,100.
Sounds like a little but look at what you could buy with that money:
Bacon was 66 a lb. Bread was only 18 a lb. can you believe?
A Chuck Roast was 50 a lb. and Coffee was 93 per lb.
Eggs were 61 a doz. and flour was 54 a lb.
and Margarine was 29 a lb. Milk was 46 for a 1/2 gal.
and Oranges were 53 a doz. Pork Chops were 79 a lb.
and a 10 lb. bag of Potatoes was only 56
Sugar was 52 for a 5 lb. bag and Tomatoes were only 15 a can.
Woman's Clothing: Bra $3.95, Girdle $4.95, Nylons $1.00
Baby Food (4 jars) 87, Bath Towel 95, Baseball Glove  $9.95,
Camera Film 43, Cat Food (3 8-oz. cans) 39,
Chocolate Cherries (13 oz. box) 55, Flashlight Battery 14,
Home Permanent $1.50, Lipstick 49,
Electric Washing Machine $69.95
The House of Representatives votes itself a
50% pay hike (some things never change!)
Premier Ngo Dinh Diem declares South Vietnam a
republic and becomes it's first President.
The First missile with an Atomic Warhead is tested.
The U.S.S.R Explodes it's most powerful Nuclear Bomb.
Con Ed announces it's plan to build first
privately owned Nuclear Power plant.
(no wonder the kids today walk around in a daze!)
The world's 1st Atomic powered submarine "Nautilus" is launched.
The two big unions AF of L and the CIO merge to
form world's largest union: AFL-CIO
(and it was run by the Mafia before the politicians
took it over and stole even more money!)
The B-52 is America's newest and biggest Jet bomber.
It is the most powerful on Earth.
Plans are announced to launch the first Satellite
by 1957 or 1958 but Russia beat us to it!
Nepal's King: "Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Tribhubana Bir Bikram Jung
Bahadur Shum Shere Jung Deva" dies in Zurich at the age of 49
Gina Lollobrigida hailed as reigning Queen of the Italian film industry. 
Television First!
First color broadcast of the World Series is televised by NBC.
(but nobody saw it in color cause everyone had B&W TV's!)
First network animated series "Mighty Mouse Playhouse" on CBS.
(although "Crusader Rabbit" was the first TV cartoon)
CBS introduces the Johnny Carson Show.
Gunsmoke, the popular Radio series, comes to Television.
The Du Mont TV Network shuts down due to financial losses
(because they wouldn't sponsor The Wanderers Web Site)
ABC introduces Bob Keeshan (formerly Clarabell the Clown) as
"Captain Kangaroo". (Captain Kangaroo? What a dumb name!)

Some Top TV Programs of the Year
$64,000 QUESTION
The "Mickey Mouse Club" made it's TV debut.
Sales of the Mouseketeer hat hit 26,000 weekly!
(can you picture everybody walking around looking like giant rats?)

Other Favorite TV Shows were:
Perry Mason
Phil Silvers Show
Rin Tin Tin
Studio One
Truth or Consequences
Your Hit Parade
Captain Kangaroo
Groucho Marx Show
The Jack Benny Show
"Captain Video" Cancelled. Wearers of the Captain Video decoderring were dismayed
when their favorite interplanetary show was given the axe after a 7 year run.